Young Generation Will Change Ukraine

A program for young patriotic Ukrainians, who play an active part in the public life of the country, willing to be the driving force of fundamental changes in Ukraine with regard to the European experience.

The participants and alumni of the ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ program established the association which consists of more than 800 young people who work in Verkhovna Rada, ministries, city councils and administrations, manage grand-scale social projects or develop their own businesses.


Ukrainian Youth Delegates to the UN

‘Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN’ is a nationwide program aimed at increasing the participation of youth in international politics and spreading of the principles of the UN among young people, as well as building a dialogue between government of Ukraine and young people.


#BH15 Project

#BH15 – the project that promotes the Declaration of Human Responsibilities. In 2018, the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation began the dissemination of the points of the Declaration in Ukraine and abroad. (more…)

Multimedia Project to Bohdan Hawrylyshyn’s 95th Birthday Anniversary

Цей мультимедійний проект робить об’ємною та живою історію життя Богдана Гаврилишина. Проект складається з оновленої книги спогадів “Залишаюсь українцем”, одноіменної аудіокниги, мультимедійних матеріалів, записаних за життя Богдана Гаврилишина та після 2016 року. Ми дуже хочемо, щоб ви не просто прочитали цю історію, щоб ви її прожили. (more…)

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn’s Video Lectures course

The course consists of 15 lectures and philosophical meditations of a prominent Ukrainian Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn and contains tips and answers to topical questions.

This course will be useful to anyone interested in history, political and economic situation in the country and the world and strives to be successful and effective in all areas of their lives.


Ukraine in the world

Projects aimed at creating, changing and promoting of an effective and positive internal and external image of Ukraine that will protect the national interests of the country and improve its reputation in the world. Projects can be implemented through the development of cultural diplomacy, the establishment of international youth exchanges and support for information campaigns.