Young Generation Will Change Ukraine

A program for young patriotic Ukrainians, who play an active part in the public life of the country, willing to be the driving force of fundamental changes in Ukraine with regard to the European experience.

The participants and alumni of the ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ program established the association which consists of more than 800 young people who work in Verkhovna Rada, ministries, city councils and administrations, manage grand-scale social projects or develop their own businesses.

‘We started with dream of what our country is supposed to be. Its natural and human potential is huge and the current state is very bad.
The dream turned into a plan. In 2012 ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ program was launched to help the country go through a process of transformation and become an effective country.  It works over my expectations. I am very proud of Program participants. I have learned a lot from them, communicating with them and reading their articles’, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn.



  • Young people aged 20-35 years;
  • Representatives of local authorities and self-government, public activists and socially responsible entrepreneurs;
  • Have ideas of projects for local development;
  • Speak foreign languages (in case of successful completion of the first phase of the programme the participants will have the opportunity to participate in a study trip to a European country, thus English language proficiency is an important selection criterion).


І. Local Development Schools of Young Generation Will Change Ukraine.

Modular training for young people in different regions of Ukraine. At this stage the participants of the program receive knowledge in the field of public administration and project management on the topics connected with social innovation. Intensive modular training (four modules) combining the theory, practical cases and individual work on projects are composed to help the participants to prepare and immediately implement their own ideas of local development. The speakers of the schools are the invited experts of the national level, regional experts / opinion leaders, mentors of the ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ Association.

Local Development Schools 2018: Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, Ternopil, Cherkasy and Chernihiv.

Local Development Schools 2019: Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Bila Tserkva, Uman, Kharkiv, Sloviansk, Odesa, Zhytomyr and Dnipro.


ІІ.The implementation of the local development projects.

This stage focuses on the implementation of the local projects developed by the participants and based on the knowledge gained during the modules. Program managers monitor the implementation of projects and choose the most efficient of them. The most successful projects that will meet all the requirements developed by the foundation will be awarded with small grants.

The best projects are supported with small grants for their implementation.

ІІІ.Study trip to a European country for the most successful participants of the program (duration – 1 week).

The most active participants who meet all the requirements of the program and passed successfuly the first 2 stages of the program get an opportunity to attend one of six European countries: Austria, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland. Formed in groups of 5-7 people during one week they will study the European experience and on arrival will share the results of their research with the public.

The mandatory condition is the dissemination of knowledge gained through the media, publication of analytical articles, interviews on radio and television on conclusions after the trip.

The results of the three stages are usually presented at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting in
December each year.


The involvement of young regional leaders in ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ program will allow them to acquire new knowledge and to organize them for practical application within their competence, to obtain financial support at the start of the project and get direct access to the international European experience.

The program will help to establish contacts with activists from other regions of Ukraine, to expand horizons and to build a wide network of business contacts.


  • Carefully fill in the application form of the program during the open call.
  • Application for the program 2020 will be open in February-March 2020.