#bh15 – the project that promotes the Declaration of Human Responsibilities. In 2018, the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation began the dissemination of the points of the Declaration in Ukraine and abroad.

We believe in the values that Bohdan Hawrylyshyn laid down in his Declaration of 15 Human Responsibilities. This project aims to demystify, declare and define what the 15 Responsibilities are and inspire global minded citizens to live according to them.

·       We will demystify what it means to be a conscious citizen who is empowered to take responsibly in their daily lives. We will directly link each of Hawrylyshyn’s 15 obligations to our shared global human condition;

·       We will declare the value of having responsibilities in society and each of the obligations, as well as our commitment to them;

·       We will define how to build strong communities, strong cities, and strong countries through engaged citizenry and ongoing contribution to society.

Responsibility Marathon