Responsible Partnerships

“We decided to choose one point of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities each year and work with it. This year we chose the point “Build an effective community”. In our case, this means building a fashion community”, – Alina Kachorovska, the founder of the Kachorovska brand.

In 2021, in cooperation with Kachorovska, a collection of accessories #bh15 was released for the third time. Website with accessories:

On Human Responsibility Day ZORIA and BOOKS publishing house partnered with Kachorovska to present a creative interpretation of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities — a notebook “My thoughts”. The notebook was designed by the art platform “Spline Art” and Ukrainian artists who provided images of their own works as illustrations. The book contains reflections and comments on the points of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities. They are shared by opinion leaders from various fields.

You can buy the notebook on the website of ZORIA and BOOKS publishing house: