Responsibility Award

The Responsibility Award was established by the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation to spread the values ​​of responsibility in Ukrainian society, noting the proactive actions of people and organizations whose daily activities are based on such values.

The Responsibility Award was first presented in 2021, and we started the award on October 19, the All-Ukrainian Human Responsibility Day. Public organizations whose activities are based on one or more items of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities, created by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, could have applied for participation.

23 participating organizations reached the semifinals of the award, each of which could be voted on the site. One vote was taken from one person, and duplication was canceled. In total, more than 25,000 users took part in the voting. 15 organizations with the highest rating made it to the finals of the award. The next stage is the evaluation by an expert jury, according to the results of which the winners of the Responsibility Award 2021 were selected among the finalists.

The awarding of the winners took place on an important day for Ukrainian society, January 22, the Day of Unity of Ukraine. The event combined the values ​​of unity and responsibility as fundamental and driving for Ukrainian society. The solemn event was broadcast by partners from Ukrainian Radio and UA: Public.

Winner of the 1st prize “Come back alive” (cash prize of UAH 100,000)

“This is a recognition that we are moving right, moving and working for our values, and these values ​​йare shared by both our country and the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation,” said Victoria Dvoretskaya, head of the veteran department of “Come back alive”.

Winner of the 2nd prize – “Building Ukraine Together” (cash prize of UAH 50,000)

“I understand that this is really the merit of those people who develop responsibility every day in the framework of “Building Ukraine Together”. If we expect someone else to take responsibility for us, we will not be able to build a country, a community, or a society the way we see it. Other people will build it for us,” – said Pavlo Pryzhegodsky, a representative of “Building Ukraine Together”.

Winner of the 3rd prize “Friends of the community of St. Egidius” (cash prize of UAH 25,000)

“It’s an award for very, very many people. Responsibility is one of our important words, we take responsibility for one person and through this person we try to change the whole city and the whole country. This is what the community does in Ukraine and in many countries around the world,” said Yuri Lifanse, head of the Friends of the Community of St. Egidius.

A special award for each of the winners was a statuette designed by Ukrainian sculptor Oleg Pinchuk. And our partners, Fedor Shpyh Foundation, also presented awards to three leaders of public voting cash prizes in the amount of UAH 15,000.

Award website:

Responsibility Award Partners in 2021 – Society of Ukrainians in Switzerland, Ukrainian Radio, UA: Public, ISAR Unity, Fedor Shpyh Foundation