Spring update and rebranding of the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation!

The idea of any rebranding, as an important stage in a company, is related to its development. Further activities based on easily recognizable and modern visual communication with our main target audience ‒ young people – encouraged our team to rethink the identity of the Foundation. This was also facilitated by new partnerships, strategic planning for the upcoming years, awareness of the change dynamics and the scale of future initiatives. 

Thus, the request for change, if it is on time, always finds support from the outside. And it was offered by our partners from the creative industry sector ‒ the Ukrainian brand Kachorovska, with which we have been promoting our values through a collection of bags with points from the Declaration of Human Responsibilities for 2 years in a row. 

Thanks to its support as well as the professional and value-based approach of the BelkaStrelka agency, we are happy to present our new brand style (download the brand book presentation). 


Christine Hawrylyshyn-Batruch, the President of the Foundation: 

First of all, our work is not about us, but about you, about the youth that is changing Ukraine. Therefore, in the new logo, we wanted to show that the tree, which symbolized our activity during these four years and had strong roots thanks to Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, gave new shoots. It continues to have a strong foundation, but at the same time it is growing rapidly, it is a symbol of development, dynamic and positive changes. And these changes are happening thanks to young people from all over the country!” 

Alina Bairamova, the creative director of BelkaStrelka

“We were inspired by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn and all his activities, and the three words “Learn, Dream, Act” (from one of the most famous quotes of a prominent Ukrainian) perhaps reflect the essence of what the Foundation does. 

The personal involvement of the family and the Foundation in solving the global problems of the country was very noticeable in our interaction. Therefore, we saw the main keys to the image in such messages as “Inspire and Involve!” and “Modernity, Transparency, Community”. 

The activity of the Foundation is about that. And what people see, what is outside, is style. In today’s world, there are 2 global trends ‒ modernization and simplification. 

In the new logo, as in the previous one, the green color plays an important role, because it is the color of the leaves, the color that carries the message of development. From the beginning, we worked with a very strong image ‒ a tree. The tree with strong roots, a powerful treetop. It is a very strong emotional image that tells what the Foundation and its history are. In the new logo, we have preserved the idea of ​​the image of a tree, but at the same time combined it with the image of young shoots, which is a symbol of development, germination of initiatives created in Ukraine through projects youth has made. We also added some dynamics and modernity applying new lines to the new logo.”


Olena Bekreniova, the Director of the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation:

We are extremely grateful to the BelkaStrelka agency, which has managed to subtly combine the traditions and values ​​of our organization with modern trends. We are also grateful to Alina Kachorovska, who introduced us to the agency, and thanks to whose support, the foundation now has such a wonderful spring update for the implementation and better communication within all our future programs for young people.” 

The next step is the change of our site and creation of organization’s merchandise. So, stay tuned for our further updates and branded products from the Foundation.