How to support Ukraine during the war

Dear Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation (BHFF) friends and partners!

Your annual support for Ukrainian youth has allowed us to organize effective studying programs and to share different experiences. We appreciate your support in the past, which has enabled us to build a strong community of the our programs  alumni in Ukraine. Right now Ukrainians also need your help.

Support for our volunteers requests in regions

Today, due to the war, most of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation’s alumni work as military or as volunteers in their regions. Regularly, we receive many requests from them with a clear call to help the military, refugees, children, and citizens in hot spots. 

The Foundation’s community covers the whole of Ukraine, which allows us to track local requests from our volunteers in different parts of the country. The Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation supports our alumni volunteer initiatives, and with this aim in mind, we  open a bank account to respond to such requests as fast as we can

All raised money will be distributed further according to the requests from our volunteers in different Ukrainian regions. The main forms of support:

  • the purchase of medication;
  • humanitarian aid to refugees;
  • humanitarian aid to the our programs alumni, who have suffered from the war.

Please, join us and provide financial support to our volunteers. 

You can find bank details  in the following link: 

The Hawrylyshyn Family is contributing its own financial and physical resources to alleviate the effects of the war. BHFF funds, originally intended for all our programs, will be redirected to the needs and requests mentioned above.


Support of the main volunteering organisations in Ukraine

We also share links on bank accounts, to which money can be sent to help Ukraine.


Informational support for Ukraine in your media

Students and alumni of Ukrainian Catholic University have created a resource for quick and easy sharing of information about the war abroad. All of the messages have already been translated into the languages of different countries. If you are a foreign journalist with the possibility to share information about the situation in Ukraine, this link will be useful for you:  


Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦