The Ambassadors of the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation 2020

On May 12, the first wave of the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation (BHFF) Ambassadors started. They are active participants of our alumni community,   who have become the representatives of the Foundation in different regions of Ukraine and  abroad. Ambassadors are the  promoters of  our values and implementers of our mission. 

There are criteria, which helped us make the choice. Our Ambassadors participated in one of the foundation programs; can  speak Ukrainian fluently, and also know English (as a benefit); share BHFF’s values; believe in positive changes in Ukraine; have strong communication and presentation skills.

It is worth mentioning that there are 3 people who applied to become the Ambassador in their regions. Lviv, Kyiv and Ternopil regions became the leaders in the number of applications. 75% of them are the graduates of the “Young Generation  Will Change Ukraine” program, 20% are graduates of the “Creative Youth Will Change Ukraine” program, and 2,5% are from the “Youth Delegate of Ukraine to the UN” and the “Local Deputies School” programs.

According to the selection results, we have formed the pool of BHFF’s Ambassadors. It includes 22 graduates: 19 Ambassadors will represent their regions in Ukraine and 3 representatives are the Ambassadors abroad, i.e. in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Alesia Azarova,

the Ambassador in Kyiv City,

Founder of the ‘280 Days’ Charitable Foundation.



Volodymyr Antkiv,

the Ambassador in Ternopilska Oblast,

Assistant-Consultant for the People’s Deputy of Ukraine



Bohdan Ben,

the Ambassador in Lvivska Oblast,

Analyst at the ‘Euromaidan press’, Researcher of political philosophy, interested in spatial planning and environmental initiatives for sustainable development.


Olena Bilanina,

the Ambassador in Zakarpatska Oblast,

Strategic Development Advisor at the Department of Education and Science in the Zakarpatska Regional State Administration, Chairman of the ‘Zakarpatska Youth Council’, Member of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, Chairman of the Foundation of Regional Initiatives in Uzhhorod.


Oleksandr Vasylkivskyi,

the Ambassador in Zhytomyrska Oblast,

Assistant-Consultant for the People’s Deputy of Ukraine.



Svitlana Voiedilova,

the Ambassador in Chernihivska Oblast,

Work experience in public service and local government, Main Directorate of the National Police in Chernihiv Oblast.



Bohdan Haidabrus,

the Ambassador in Sumska Oblast,

PhD in Project and Program Management, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Sumy State University, Invited lecturer at Riga Technical University.



Yuliia Horodchanina,

the Ambassador in Poltavska Oblast,

Head of  NGO ‘Nova Poltava’.



Oleksii Ivanov,

the Ambassador in Germany,

Life Science Consultant, PhD in Social philosophy and Philosophy of History, Member of the German-Ukrainian society of the Rhine-Neckar.



Victoria Kostiuk,

the Ambassador in Rivnenska Oblast,

Head of  NGO ‘Community Development Agency ‘Intonation of change’, Chairman of the youth council, Expert on decentralization and youth policy.



Nataliia Kryvoruchko,

the Ambassador in Zaporizka Oblast,

PhD in Economics, Co-chairman of NGO ‘Platform for Social Cooperation, Investment and international activities advisor to the Mayor.



Khrystia Mahas,

the Ambassador in Ivano-Frankivska Oblast,

Volunteer in the Charitable Organisation “Maltese Rescue Service in Ivano-Frankivsk”, Coordinator of the grant program ‘Small Grants of the Warm City’.



Pavlo Medyna,

the Ambassador in Volynska Oblast

Chairman of  NGO ‘Youth Resource Center ‘New Wings’’, Board Member of the Youth Centers of Ukraine Association, Author of the Best Practice of Youth Work in Ukraine (2017;2019), Nominee of TOP30UNDER30 from KyivPost.


Tetiana Nazarenko,

the Ambassador in Kirovohradska Oblast,

Social activist, Senior specialist of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism in Pervozvanivska amalgamated territorial community.



Svitlana Nazaruk,

the Ambassador in Kyivska Oblast,

Youth worker, trainer and facilitator, Head of the Department of Youth and Information Policy at the ‘Kyiv Regional Youth Center’.



Olha Olefirova,

the Ambassador in Austria,

Expert on institutional and regulatory issues, Partner in IM Consulting, Co-founder of  NGO ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’.



Iryna Orel,

the Ambassador in Odeska Oblast,

Head of NGO ‘Territory of Participation’, trainer and facilitator, organizer of educational and cultural events in Odessa.




Nataliia Protsiuk,

the Ambassador in Khmelnytska Oblast,

Media coach, media expert, public activist.




Svitlana Pustovit,

the Ambassador in Vinnytska Oblast

Deputy Director, NGO ‘Euroregion Dnister’, 

Deputy Chairman of the International organization ‘Ukraine-Poland-Germany’



Olha Raku,

the Ambassador in Mykolaivska Oblast,

Deputy Director of the Business Information Support Center in Mykolayiv, Chairman of the Youth Foundation ‘New Choice’, Expert in ‘Team Europe Mykolaiv’, Co-founder in P&K Consulting.



Victoria Startseva,

the Ambassador in United Kingdom,

Doctoral researcher in Public and Cultural Diplomacy and Gender Policy Studies, Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance, Loughborough University London in the United Kingdom.



Kateryna Filatova,

the Ambassador in Dnipropetrovska Oblast,

Certified English teacher, trainer and mentor.



If you are interested in cooperating with the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation or you want to contact our ambassadors for joint projects, please contact Bohdan Mykhalchuk, Manager of the ‘Young Generation Will Change Ukraine’ Community: 096 104 05 45,