“Now, in 21st century, in the heart of Europe, people still hear bullet shots” – important voice of Ukrainian Youth in United Nations.

On the 2-nd of October Ukrainian youth delegates to the United Nations had the memorable speach on Third Committee of United Nations General Assembly, 74th session.

Roman Tymotsko, Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN speach:

“Honorable delegates,

Creating a prosperous future is impossible without the involvement of the young generation. However, instead of contributing their talents to Ukraine’s success story and sustainable development, many Ukrainian young people sacrifice their life plans for the sake of our country’s security.

Already for 6 years Ukraine is the only country in Europe, which has been fighting against the external aggression for its freedom, dignity and the future.  

Let me recall a personal story of 19-year old Andriy Eyder who was wounded in the Russian attack on the Ukrainian vessels last year. Then Russian navy seized three Ukrainian vessels with 24 sailors on board, while they were making the innocent passage from one Ukrainian port to another through the Kerch Strait.

This postcard was with him during his two hundred eighty-six days in the Russian prison. On the backside of the postcard is a calendar, which Andriy used to count his days in the prison.

Fortunately, he stopped his count three weeks ago when he safely returned home, in particular thanks to active involvement of the international community.

However, his case reminds us that many Ukrainians are still illegally imprisoned, as well as millions are facing gross human rights violations committed by Russia in the temporary occupied Ukrainian territories, namely Crimea and parts of the Donbas region.

Those Ukrainians still make their marks on the calendar. And it depends on the international community whether this calendar will further count. Thank you.”


Nargis Mohd, Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN speach:

“Honorable delegates,

Ukraine can be proud of it’s youth generation. Recently, its participation in social movements has greatly increased.

I strongly believe that we as a youth can play a crucial role in building a more peaceful world compared to what we have right now.

A sustainable development is impossible without reaching peace and security, and ensuring rights of people affected by conflict.

I know firsthand, that to become a refugee means to lose the ground. It was my father, who had to leave his Homeland during the Taliban’s regime. Having moved to Ukraine, he remained not indifferent to problems of other migrants. He inspired me, showing how a driven human can make a contribution.

I’m sure, if international community supports migrants and refugees, they appear as a great human potential.

Distinguished delegates,

Now, in 21st century, in the heart of Europe, people still hear bullet shots. So far, the Russian aggression has claimed thirteen thousand lives and left thirty thousands wounded, as well as forced about one and a half million people out of their homes in temporarily occupied Donbas and Crimea.

Being aware of this problem, we can’t remain indifferent. Inherent sense of humanity tells us to stop violence and support those who suffer.

Here, a role of a single human cannot be underrated. If we remember making small and great decisions, that every human-being is a holder of responsibilities, we would make this world a better place to live in.”