Wave of Youth Initiatives Launched: results of 10 schools of local development of the program “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine”

The first stage of the program Young Generation Will Change Ukraine – 2019 (YGWCU-2019), organized by the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation, has finally been completed. Participants took part in local development projects, which included one and a half months of training in communications, media handling, project management, marketing and, creative thinking. They reported that the training flew by and are keen to put their skills to good use in new initiatives across Ukraine.

The projects of YGWCU-2019 for the most part aimed to meet the various requirements of youth in different regions throughout the country, as outlined below:

  • Kharkiv: social projects
  • Dnipro, Chernivtsi and Lutsk: educational projects
  • Uman’: tourism and inclusion projects
  • Bila Tserkva: social and ecological projects
  • Slovyansk: town and community development and educational projects
  • Ivano-Frankivsk: initiative for the creation of communication spaces
  • Odessa: informal education projects
  • Zhytomyr: educational, social and business development projects

Since starting the program, here are some interesting facts about YGWCU-2019:

  • Training in local development took place in 10 cities of Ukraine: Bila Tserkva, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Odesa, Slovyansk, Uman, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi
  • The program was managed on the local level by 10 incredible coordinators, 9 of whom were participants of the program YWCU in the previous years: Anastasia Boyko, Volodymyr Antkyv, Alyona Kotlyar, Oleksandr Vasylkivskiy, Julia Harchenko, Kateryna Filatova, Oleksandra Kudrytska, Oleksandr Lemenov, Ksenia Semenova and Ulyana Kashepa
  • We have received 630 applications to the program “Youth Will Change Ukraine”;
  • 343 participants were selected to take part in YWCU-2019
  • Participants of YWCU-2019 come from more than 30 of Ukraine’s cities, towns or villages
  • 280 guests attended the opening of the YWCU-2019 Program in Kyiv. The audience was comprised of 55% social activists, 30% local government representatives, 7.5% social entrepreneurs, and 7.5% media representatives.
  • 190 participants presented their projects and received certificates for their work
  • There were 4 educational modules. The first of took part in Kyiv and the final 3 were conducted locally.
  • More than 100 experts shared their knowledge with the participants to YWCU-2019.
  • Around 35 hours of lectures, meetings and networking were held per each participant.
  • At the selection stage, 64% of participants chosen were female.
  • One participant travelled 730 km to attend her local development training program. She told us that she consciously chose a city in the opposite corner of the country so that she could expand her contact network and gain a wider perspective.

We are delighted to share with you some photographs from the last training module in each of the cities covered by the Young Generation Will Change Ukraine Program.

Youth changes Ukraine in Bila Tserkva

Youth changes Ukraine in Dnipro

Youth changes Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk

Youth changes Ukraine in Zhytomyr

Youth changes Ukraine in Lutsk

Youth changes Ukraine in Odesa

Youth changes Ukraine in Slovyansk

Youth changes Ukraine in Uman

Youth changes Ukraine in Kharkiv

Youth changes Ukraine in Chernivtsi

At the final stage of the YGWCU Program one of participants said: “When I started to engage in social projects, my father asked me: “Why are you going there? Get real. One person can’t change anything”. But you proved me otherwise. Thank you for that!”

We are very thankful to our coordinators for their excellent work in organizing local training! Their combined efforts were responsible for attracting great speakers, finding the best solutions for conducting educational modules, and for creating an inspiring and open atmosphere and sharing their expertise on various subjects.

We also express our gratitude for assistance in holding local development training to:

  • Zhytomyr City Council, especially the Head of Administration of Family, Youth and Sport Issues of Zhytomyr City Council Iryna Kovalchuk
  • The team of the local Cultural Space and especially its Head – Hrytsaniuk Illya Dmytrovych
  • Taras Savchiuk, who provided the “Dobro” hub for conducting the Program in Bila Tserkva
  • The Department of Family and Youth Issues of Uman’ City Council, particularly Nataliya Vdovychenko
  • Dnipro Central City Library for providing the space and equipment for all local modules and presentations of the YWCU Dnipro Program, and, particularly, to the Executive Director of NGO “Nove Bachenya” Olena Zyma and Project Manager of the “Inside Maps” company Dmytro Hrabovets
  • The “Belle Vue” Hall and Maryna Skitney in Chernivtsi
  • The Impuct Hub Odessa for loyal conditions
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber of Commerce for providing a place to plant sunflowers as part of the project Marathon of Responsibility
  • Volyn Youth Centre (Zahar Tkachuk), Administration of Tourism and Promotion of Lutsk City Council (Kateryna Telipska), Iryna Kushpel (ПрАТ «ЛДБК»), Mykhailo Naho as well as Bohdan Shyba for assistance in conducting the Program in Lutsk
  • Ukrainian Leadership Academy for assistance of the YWCU program in Kharkiv
  • Kharkiv Youth Council and especially Mykhailo Lazarev, FSS Consulting Company for certificates for the YWCU-Kharkiv
  • Vivat Publishing House for the books granted to the YWCU-Slovyansk


What have we achieved so far?

  • Training has been completed
  • Projects have been presented
  • Recommendations from experts have been received
  • Blue and yellow certificates add joy
  • Reliable and fruitful relationships have been established


What’s next?

  • Implementation of the local development projects by the Program participants
  • Reporting on the implementation of the projects/or their stages
  • Selection of the best participants and their projects by the Fundation
  • Our festive summer meeting MZU Summer Gathering on July 18th
  • Announcement of the names of those participants chosen to receive week-long educational trips to Europe and small grants

The wave of youth initiatives of local development has been launched. May it continue to be productive and establish the power to change our country for the better!

We wish energy, drive and creativity to the participants for the implementation of the projects, and inspiration for future initiatives!