Don’t miss your chance to become the next Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the United Nations 2020-2021!

Application for candidates to participate in the selection of ‘Ukrainian Youth Delegates to the United Nations’ program is open! Submit your application and maybe you will represent Ukrainian youth at the General Assembly in New York in 2020!

‘Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the United Nations’ is a nationwide annual program aimed at increasing the participation of youth in international politics and spreading of the principles of the UN among young people, as well as building a dialogue between government of Ukraine and young people.

The program provides the following:

  • participation of youth delegates in meetings of the UN General Assembly (Third Committee – social, humanitarian and cultural issues);
  • experience of representing the country at the UN;
  • the opportunity to learn from Ukrainian diplomats;
  • networking with the world’s most active youth;
  • annual promotion of the program development at national level;
  • engagement with young people by volunteering and participating in youth forums, conferences, festivals, etc.;
  • development in the fields of public diplomacy, project management, communications and analytics.

Requirements for applicants:

  • the citizenship of Ukraine
  • age 20-27 years
  • high level of English language proficiency
  • experience in the youth field
To apply:
  • fill in the online form
  • take a video* and share it on your Facebook and / or Instagram page
  • download and fill in the application form
  • prepare 1 page CV about your experience
  • combine the application form file and CV into one PDF document, name it in the format “LastName_FirstName_YD2020” and send to

* In the video (up to 1 minute)  you should tell us in English about the responsible actions you are already taking to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  The thoughts you share in the video will be able to inspire many people to implement new “sustainable” habits to benefit the environment and society.

* Video requirements:

  • video format: any (from selfie to animation)!
  • duration: up to 1 minute.
  • language: English.
  • summary: tell why this or that Sustainable Development Goal is important to you, how you plan or already contribute to its achievement. It can be anything!  For example, a call to action through art, charity, or simple daily habits.  Big or small – any action matters (for inspiration you can read the Declaration of Human Responsibilities by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn).

The video should be available on Facebook and / or Instagram (optional – on both).  The title or description of the video should include the following: “#I_act_responsibly for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal [Goal number]: [short goal name] @uayouthdalegate”.


  • Deadline: June 12 (23:59).
  • The language of filling in the online form, application form and CV is English.
  • Only those applicants who fulfill all the conditions are allowed to participate in the competition.


The program is implemented by the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The Ukrainian community in New York, especially the NGO Razom for Ukraine, provides active organizational support to the program.
If you have any questions, please write to the program’s Facebook page Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN or

Website of the program:


 “Ukraine can be proud of it’s youth generation. Recently, its participation in social movements has greatly increased. I strongly believe that we as a youth can play a crucial role in building a more peaceful world compared to what we have right now … A role of a single human cannot be underrated. If we remember making small and great decisions, that every human-being is a holder of responsibilities, we would make this world a better place to live in.” – from the speech of  Nargis Mohd, Ukrainian Youth Delegate to the UN 2019-2020.
On the 2-nd of October 2019 Ukrainian youth delegates to the United Nations Nargis Mohd and Roman Tymotsko had the memorable speach on the Third Committee of United Nations General Assembly, 74th session (video, article).