Translate the Declaration of Human Responsibilities into world languages

The Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation and the ‘Youth Generation Will Change Ukraine’ community are glad to announce the launch of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities Translation Project. This is the part of #bh15 project and it is dedicated to Bohdan Hawrylyshyn’s birthday anniversary.

The Declaration of Human Responsibilities (hereinafter – DHR) consists of 15 ordinary points created by professor Bohdan Hawrylyshyn in order to change the world for better through responsible behavior at all levels.

Let’s share these simple and at the same time important ideas of human existence in society and nature.

Our goals:

  • Translate the Declaration of Human Responsibilities into 6 official UN languages:

– English;

– Arabic; 

– Spanish;

– Chinese (Putonghua);

– Russian;

– French.

  • Translate the Declaration into 15  languages that are wide-spread in the world.

However, we don’t limit ourselves to only 15 languages. Our ambition is to unite people around the Declaration and  translate it to as many world languages  as possible.

  • Create a short video presentation about the project featuring/involving active youth leaders from all around the world


We are happy to invite you to collaborate with us !

If you are a person who shares the principles of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities, if you have professional translation skills in one of the UN or others languages and you want the Declaration to ‘speak’ your language — we are waiting for you!

The translation of the Declaration of Human Responsibilities is an honorable contribution to the development of oursociety, and your work as a translator or  editor is very valuable for promoting the principles of the DHR in your language. Therefore, each translator or editor will be indicated under every translated DHR.